Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews

Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews
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Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews


  In Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews Over the course of 6 years, the Life Is Strange series has continually told stories about the knots that bind us between friends, families, and communities. The last entry, True Colors, represents the first time that subtext has been transformed not just to text, but rather to the core mechanics of the game. The strength of Life Is Strange as a series is how it always and at all times seeks to answer the deepest questions about why people are the way they are, even more so compared to the original protagonist of Life Is Strange, Max Caulfield, who seeks to unravel the life of his best friend, or Sean. and Daniel Díaz from Life Is Strange two is at the mercy of a little by little more malevolent America, True Colors delves into it. It features a new hero who can delve into people’s lives on a level beyond the capabilities of the other protagonists of the series. That ability lets the game go through something new.




You play as Alex Chen, a little girl from the foster care system who was estranged from her older brother Gabe when she was ten years old. She bounced from family to facility and back over the course of more than a decade before, finally, Gabe found her and invited her. to his new home in Haven Springs, an idyllic town in Red. Although supposedly a peaceful enough place to start a life, Alex is powerless when it comes to his big secret and the supernatural hook of the game: Alex is a super powerful empath who is not only able to see and read people’s emotions like giant outbursts of psychedelic colors, but if the emotion is strong enough, it will truly inherit it. Unfortunately, foster care isn’t exactly the happiest place on the planet.Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews

And in this way, when Alex begins his new life, Haven Springs begins to infect her, in more ways than one. At the moment when a great misfortune hits the city, maintaining peace becomes an imperative, and it is as much about protecting oneself as it is about protecting the city. For the most part, True Colors works the same way as any other Life Is Strange title: like Alex, you stroll and also interact with everything and everyone, the game will leave you, sporadically making vital resolutions that change life through dialogue that affects the planet and the course of history. On a technical level, there are some marked improvements with respect to the previous games in the series, particularly in terms of images. This is the most beautiful and lush Life Is Strange game, with a huge and also incredible improvement in the performances of the characters, although it comes at a cost. The PS5 port we tested took some heavy hitting in frame rate when we prowled around town and stuttered elsewhere. The computer port was handled much better, furthermore, keeping up with the workload is not easy for the computer.Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews

Mechanically, however, there is an important addition: Alex will often have the option to use his powers and read the true emotions of a person’s psyche, or to feel the sensitive links and memories associated with an object in the environment. . In his most benign and hilarious form, Alex can see someone having a supposedly civilized phone talk with a customer service representative, only to use his power to listen to them inwardly having an absolute little little tantrum. At its most heartbreaking, Alex can read a frightened little one, only to see the fear manifest itself physically as abysmal fire-breathing jaws, ready to swallow the little one whole at any moment.

It would be very simple to transform Alex’s life into a screaming hell, without being able to hide from the worst and most primal instincts of humanity, but luckily, True Colors shows more restraint than that. The vibe is more of a “life comes to you fast” approach in which suffocation and disappointment take over Alex rather than overwhelm her at every turn. Moderation makes the moments when darkness and negativity invade the earth that much better. But over long stretches the pendulum practically swings too far in the other direction. True Colors is practically too personable as a narrative. Each character and NPC has a basic affability that, while comfortable and relaxing, borders on a lack of sincerity given the deplorable emotions at stake. There’s a Gilmore Girls vibe to the whole thing; even most bastards have their charms, and there aren’t many bastards to begin with. The other Life Is Strange games, even Dontnod’s Tell Me Why, were more balanced in that regard.Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews




However, there is still an undercurrent to the game, asking big questions about illness, death, pain, parenting, relationships, and what it takes to sympathize or excuse the monsters that threaten us. Where the game is most incredible is in asking questions that have no simple answers, and it recognizes it in the places where it counts the most. One of the game’s most heartbreaking moments involves Alex consoling a mother who lost the love of her life, a man who eagerly wanted to be her son’s stepfather. The resolution ends in an unexpected place, with Alex reading the woman’s emotions and discovering that she secretly resents her son for stealing her agency. Even more shocking is the fact that this is not a scenario with a simple solution. Alex uses his powers to influence the situation and ends up failing considerably later. This is a problem that Alex cannot solve and must find the best way to offer himself and his support to the mother. There are a few situations in the game that sustain that level of maturity, and its final chapter is absolute perfection in that regard: an incredible and ambitious sequence of abstract storytelling, flashbacks, flash-forwards, gruesome hallucinations, and beautiful catharsis. But as a general rule, the game is content to be sweet and honest. It is a city where the local equivalent of Nextdoor is a special place populated by residents who tell good-natured jokes, the local bar is full of awkward couples who are each and every person friendly with their servers,Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews

Haven Springs is a captivating place to visit, especially these days. These are people who deserve to have empathy with each other, helping them process their negativity and fear into something healthier, and it is an ideal place for Alex to truly transform himself into a person. But the feedback loop is somewhat forced. With few qualifications, Alex’s sheer goodness only comes back to her dearly at the end of the game. She is fundamentally the catalyst for whatever happens in the city. But Alex’s own actualization comes from trauma, when she is totally alone. The structure of a game for video consoles in which, the player, is the only one who carries the burden of a community, feels more unfair than usual here, and for a game that wants so much that we admit the idea of ​​Haven Springs as community, that unbalanced splendor is somewhat uncomfortable. The overriding protest truly is that the preceding games in this series had a cynicism that our protagonists had to overcome, and the journey to do so felt more like a struggle, which is something that Life Is Strange: True Colors lacks. Until the climax, Alex’s journey feels little at stake in each and every field, even with rather difficult solutions to inconveniences. There is never any doubt that Alex could persevere and leave Haven Springs better than he found it. which is something that Life Is Strange: True Colors lacks. Until the climax, Alex’s journey feels little at stake in each and every field, even with rather difficult solutions to inconveniences. There is never any doubt that Alex could persevere and leave Haven Springs better than he found it. which is something that Life Is Strange: True Colors lacks. Until the climax, Alex’s journey feels little at stake in each and every field, even with rather difficult solutions to inconveniences. There is never any doubt that Alex could persevere and leave Haven Springs better than he found it.Life Is Strange-Gaming Reviews

There’s merit in that approach, uniquely since the other games ended on such emotionally devastating notes. Alex being able to attend purely, without compromise, feels good in the instant. This is a game full of well-drawn places and characters in depth and also stories worth telling, a game of diners and ice cream parlors, houses covered in flowers, golden sunsets and happy spring festivals. It is a city that organizes a LARP session throughout the city just to make a little boy feel better about his life.

There is light that developer Deck Nine simply never lets the darkness touch, and it’s a pleasure to be able to play a small role in making sure everyone does better. But the disconnect between that vibe and the confusion that brought Alex here to begin with is tangible, and the game would reach brilliance if those 2 concerns could connect. Going through Haven Springs is still time well spent, but it’s simply 


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