Far cry 6 oil rig weapon

Far cry 6 oil rig weapon
Far cry 6 oil rig weapon
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Far Cry 6 Oil Rig Weapon

Today is Far cry 6 oil rig weapon, The GDP Oil Rig is one of the more challenging locations in Far Cry 6. If you find yourself stuck in this location, you’ll need to clear out the enemies to get into the platform and make it a Guerrilla hideout. First, you’ll need to find the control room, which is located in the white building at the west end of the rig. You can also find it by using the stairs in the platform.

Far cry 6 oil rig weapon
Far cry 6 oil rig weapon

|Far Cry 6 Oil Rig Weapon.

You’ll need to travel southwest to reach the CDG Oil Platform’s control room. Then, head southwest until you find a large blue grenade on the wall. Once you’re in the room, press the red button on a yellow terminal. This will clear the container and reveal a Supercharger Shotgun that will help you deal with the enemies. It will even allow you to use gunpowder without the need for gunpowder, so you’ll never run out of ammunition.

The GDP Oil Platform is also a great place to get weapons. In addition to the Supercharger shotgun, you’ll be able to obtain other items such as supplies. Once you’ve gotten your hands on the oil rig’s Supercharger shotgun, you can then go back to the platform and complete the puzzle. Having the right weapon is essential to progress in Far Cry 6. But, it’s important to keep in mind that the game is quite difficult and requires patience.

Far Cry 6

A crane is one of the best weapons in the Far Cry 6 game. It’s a must-have in the game. This weapon is in the contraband chest, which can be found in the northwestern part of Yara, near the CDG Oil Platform. This chest is naturally found during the Diesel Daisy mission, but you can also find it at any time. You can upgrade this gun by purchasing more upgrades, but don’t worry about it destroying the cargo. It’s easy to get your hands on this amazing weapon.

The GDP Oil Platform contains a unique weapon in Far Cry 6. It is located in the Aguas Lindas region of Madrgugada, which is in the northwestern part of Yara. Once you’ve discovered the GDP Oil Platform, you can use the Supercharger shotgun to kill any of the enemies. If you don’t have an oil rig crane, you can also unlock a rank three shotgun…

Far Cry 6 Guide – How to Find the GDP Oil Platform in Far Cry 6

The GDP Oil Platform is an essential location to find in Far Cry 6. If you get stuck here, you can find a solution to the puzzle by clearing out the enemies and turning the Oil Rig into a Guerrilla hideout. To do this, head to the west side of the GDP Oil Platform and go to the large white building that contains the controls for the crane. Once you’ve located the Control Console, you’ll be able to control the crane’s movements.

|gdp oil platform far cry 6


There are many unique weapons and items you can find on the GDP Oil Platform, including a blue container that can be used in battle. You can also find the Yaran Contraband in a Shipping container, which is hidden inside another container. Once you’ve found the Yaran Contraband, you can use it to take down Anton Castillo and his army. Once you find this treasure, you’ll need to smuggle it out of the oil platform and into the main camp.

gdp oil platform crane

You can also find other items and weapons by going to the GDP Oil Platform in Far Cry 6. For example, there are several blue containers on the oil platform that contain crafting materials, including a Supercharger shotgun. You can find these items by using the zipline that’s located near the red containers. Alternatively, you can use the boat to access the GDP Oil Platform. Regardless of which route you choose, you can’t get stuck on this location if you don’t have a good plan.

Far Cry 6 Oil Rig Weapon.

Far Cry 6 Oil Rig Weapon guide

The GDP Oil Platform contains two types of weapons. The Supercharger is an incendiary LMG, which shoots enemies on fire. The Supercharger has a high damage stat, and you can find it after you complete the diesel Daisy mission for Philly in the Aguas Lindas region. The platform has been captured by the Libertad faction, but you can still get it by using the GPS.

This is the only way to find the GDP Oil Platform. It is located in the northwest corner of Aguas Lindas, just north of Ardiente Cay and west of Sirena Bay. It has been captured by the Libertad group, and they’ve hidden the weapon inside a blue shipping container. It’s important to find the GDP Oil Platform before the enemies reach it. You can use it to hunt down a variety of enemies, including the pirates.

far cry 6 oil rig crane

If you want to find the GDP Oil Platform, you’ll need to complete the mission for Philly. The Supercharger can be obtained by completing the GDP Oil Platform after completing the ‘Diesel Daisy’ mission for Philly. Afterward, you’ll need to find the blue shipping container with the Supercharger. It is worth finding this location because it contains the GDP Oil Platform Weapon.


gdp oil platform gun

The GDP Oil Platform is located northwest of Aguas Lindas, and it is the only location in the game where you can get this weapon. You’ll need to switch off the crane to get to the box. If you do this, you can access the weapon box and find the Uberlader shotgun. It is a great weapon in Far Cry 6. However, it will take some time to obtain.

Far Cry 6 Oil Rig Weapon.


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