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I’ve been studying Arabic for a few years, after certainly one of my earlier startups had a large-ish crew of builders in Egypt. Although I’m solely a novice, I did spot one thing really weird in in the present day’s keynote at Google I/O: A bunch of the languages on the slide are… mistaken?

The textual content in Arabic reads ‘Sudanese Language,’ however is written the mistaken means and with script that makes Arabic audio system increase an eyebrow or two. Swiss Herman (often written as “Schweizerdeutsch”) is written in what appears to be an area accent attempting to imitate an accent (not in contrast to if you happen to write “what’s that every one aboot” to attempt to mimic a Canadian accent — you possibly can, however it isn’t usually the achieved issues), and a bunch of the opposite languages in non-latin script are garbled past recognition: The Urdu translation makes little sense, and there’s plenty of different face-palm moments in there as nicely.

It’s unclear whether or not the Google Translate crew was attempting to get intelligent and present some native information right here by flexing writing in native accents, however that appears… odd. Regardless, placing any of those translations into Google Translate ends in translations which can be extra right than what ended up on Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s slide. Totally baffling.

Rami places it nicely:

Google Translate is undoubtedly a strong instrument to get the gist of an article or some phrases, however it’s fairly weird to see a flurry of errors all on a single slide.

If you wish to see the second within the Google IO presentation for some glorious head-scratching linguistic motion, YouTube has your again.


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